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Ten Hottest Careers For Travel Writers

One of the most exciting jobs for a journalist is getting paid to travel into different places. Also, your company will pay your hotel accommodations, meals and, at times, for a splendid cruise. For travel writers and those aspiring to be one, check out our list of the top ten hottest careers for travel writers.

1. Self-published Travel Writer. Well, if you have the means (that is time and money) you can actually fund your own travel writing. After your escapade, you can choose a publisher to produce your journals or pay one if you have the bucks. The main advantage of self publication is the monetary reward that is better than the standard book royalty contract, and you have the direct control in the editing and publication process.

2. Freelance Travel Writer. You can write anything that you see during your travel. Describe people, food, churches, parks, temples. Venture into the nightlife and share your unique experience in a different style. You can sell these articles to travel magazines for a modest price if the quality is really nice.

3. Magazine Travel Writer. You can apply with travel or scientific magazines such as National Geographic. You can cover a story in Amazon or research the situation of the Kangaroos in Australia or have a chance to dive with sperm whales.

4. Guidebook Author. If you have vast knowledge about a country, a city or a region, write a guidebook about it. You can write anything in your mind and submit your manuscript into a publishing house that produces travel and guide books. Another good method of writing a guidebook is to look for an existing one and try to update it with your recent knowledge.

5. Newspaper Travel Journalist. You can be hired by an established magazine and be assigned in its Europe Bureau. It will be a very exciting experience. A travel journalist usually has the rare opportunity in meeting new people every day while at work. You can also have the chance of learning new things about new places and see your articles printed on page.

6. Freelance Editor. Some companies hire freelance editors and pay them to be in a place to make sure things are accurately written in a book or an article. If you have a great passion in looking for details, have the sense of researching methods and your command of the language is very outstanding, try this career.

7. Travel Author. Write your memories when you have visited a beautiful province in India. Describe your perils while crossing the Amazon, or simply share your journey in Hawaii. Start publishing memoirs and rake your own bucks while enjoying at work.

8. Freelance Travel Journalist. If you have the special knowledge in arts or culture, on rivers and canyons, of exotic places or food or wide basins or dangerous forests, why not sell your adventure? You can search for magazine, newspapers and book publishers that offer a modest price for very interesting pieces of travel articles.

9. Freelance Magazine Journalist. Most freelance magazine journalist offer their talents in writing for different travel magazines. There are numerous travel magazines in the market and they are also offering allowances and remuneration for serious travel writers.

10. Travel TV Host. This is your chance to be on cam! You will be paid while visiting numerous sites, just share to us what you feel, what you know and what you want while on that place through the power of a video camera.


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