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Ten Hottest Careers In 2013 TO 2019

In the year 2013, fresh graduates are keen to know the places to get big career payoffs. A crucial year like 2013 will let a job professional to reevaluate their skills and prospective to follow the recent trends.

It is not a wonder that the available careers are still on the fields that are considered tried and tested such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare and Business. The new opportunities in these fields are in constant innovation. For instance, add an advertising position in the healthcare or education division and the result would mean money. With a bit of education and imagination, one of these careers will make you big payoffs.

Though the previous years have been a turmoil as a result of a faltering economy and business empire meltdowns, the career opportunities are expected to slow down. However, with government initiatives aiding the business industry, it is also expected that the economy will soon recover.

Job specialists and government economists have estimated careers that will have most job opportunities between 2013 and 2019. These opening are expected to happen because new positions will be created and also people normally retire or die leaving their job available for fresh graduates.

Job Openings for Graduates of Vocational Degrees, Associate Programs, and holders of Training Certificates (with the estimated number of job openings)

People who are graduates of vocational degrees are greatly in demand, though the economy falters, the demand for vocational careers are still in great demand. Those who have not completed a bachelorís degree can always enroll in a vocational program that will enrich their skills to be successful in a blue-collar job.

1. Nursing Aides (1,000,000)
2. Medical Technicians ( 400,000)
3. Automotive Technicians (270,000)
4. Computer Service Specialists (240,000)
5. Preschool Teachers (180,000)
6. Cosmetologists (150,000)
7. Real Estate Agents (110,000)
8. Welders (100,000)
9. Gym Instructors (100,000)
10. Paralegal (100,000)

Job Openings for Graduates of a Bachelorís Degree:
People who are interested to land a job with a modest company should at least have earned a Bachelorís degree from a respectable university. As the demand is great, the competition is also stiff. If you want promotion and extra skills and experience, there are schools that offer courses and training programs that will let you earn a certificate that you can use for future career prospective.

1. Elementary Teachers (550,000)
2. Auditors/Accountants (450,000)
3. Secondary Teachers (400,000)
4. Software Engineers (300,000)
5. Systems Analysts (250,000)
6. Middle School Teachers (200,000)
7. Network Analysts (200,000)
8. Financial Services (160,000)
9. Systems Administrators (150,000)
10. Foreman/Construction Managers (150,000)

Job Openings for Graduates of a Masterís Degree:
People who are interested to land a job with higher payoffs and satisfaction, a masterís degree should be earned. The higher your academic qualification, the higher your salary and position in a company will be. It is also a stepping stone if you want to advance your career. After the masterís degree, you can always consider earning a doctorate program. This will not only increase your money, it will also increase your satisfaction in life.

1. University Professors (700,000)
2. Lawyers (300,000)
3. Physicians (200,000)
4. Clergymen (140,000)
5. Pharmacists (100,000)
6. Counselors (80,000)
7. Therapists (78,000)
8. Social Workers (70,000)
9. Rehabilitation Specialists (50,000)
10. Mental Health Specialists (50,000)


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