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Ten Hottest Careers In Asia

Finding the right job that will give you both money and satisfaction is very hard. There are numerous factors to consider, financial needs, your aptitudes, your skills, your qualifications, educational background, and your geographical locations. For anyone who wants to work in any country in Asia, here are the ten hottest careers that you might find interest in.

1. Systems Manager

An average systems manager can earn at least $5,000 monthly. This position will make you responsible to manage a vital foundation of any company venturing its operations on new technologies and automated systems. Despite the technical nature of this career, strong supervisory and leadership skills are very essential to effectively communicate with other staff in the company and to be able to transform the complex language of systems operations into a comprehensible form.

2. Editor

An impeccable grammar and an outstanding command of the publication’s language are very essential to be an editor. This is one of the most challenging jobs because you have to deal with tight deadlines and ensuring that the quality of the articles is superb. Usually, an editor starts as journalists and then promoted after gaining enough experience. Editors determine the path of the publication, assigning beats to reporters, editing, proofreading and managing the entire operation of the whole publication. Qualifications will usually be a background in English, Mandarin, Malay, Japanese or the language of your publication. An average editor can make $6,000 monthly.

3. Business Management Consultant

The field of management consultancy has boomed in the recent years. It provides advisory services to companies and business firms. Usually, a management consultant assigns various projects depending on their client needs such as planning for a new product, marketing, expansion and other business ventures. However, jumping into this field is never easy. Consultancy firms only hire the best graduates from the respectable universities usually with an MBA. Professionals in this field usually can make $7,000 monthly.

4. Law Profession

Careers in this field such as barristers, solicitors, judges, and paralegal are required with high analytical skills and persuasive communication capabilities. Lawyers can expect to earn $7000 + monthly.

5. Research and Development Team Leader

Many international companies base their Research and Development Centers in Asia such as Singapore, China and Japan. RD Team Leaders are mainly tasked to manage the whole process involving new products or innovations. They can also join government funded centers or universities and can make $6,500 monthly.

6. Trader/Broker

The Asian Economy is a very lucrative place for traders and brokers. They can work as part of a bank or a brokerage that operates in major countries in Asia. Their salary however depends on how much money they make for their clients and the good days can bear in large money in commissions and bonuses. Average salary is $7,000.

7. Advertising Director

With leading international advertising and marketing firms that are based in Asia, there are numerous career opportunities in the creative industry. The advertising director oversees the entire creative production of creating an advertising campaign or shows. Average salary is $8,500

8. Medical Doctors

Medical doctors are highly in demand in top hospitals in Asia. However, the path in becoming a doctor and employed in an Asian country is very long but you can make anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000 monthly.

9. Airline Industry

With the affordable price of airline fares, almost anyone can travel via airlines. There is a current great demand for pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight instructors. The salary for a pilot is very high ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 monthly

10. Investment Manager

Investment Managers manages investors and are entrusted to manage fund shared by small investors. They can also create plans and investment strategies to meet the interest of the clients. The pay is very high ranging from $12,000 to $15,000


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