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Ten Hottest Careers In China

China is a booming place for job seekers. New state laws have also created numerous job opportunities for anyone around the world. The salary is slightly lower than in the United States and countries in Europe but the cost of living is practically affordable.

Most experts believe that the economy and industry of China is a sleeping giant. Somehow, the awakening of this giant economy has started. More companies are venturing for foreign talents and the career opportunities are also expanded by new innovations in technology.

The top ten hottest careers in China are the following:

1. Salesmen

China has one of the most business companies in the world and it creates a great demand for individuals who have the skills and talents in persuading people to buy products. Salesmen are needed for product demonstrations, endorsements, shows, and advertising campaigns. A wide experience in the Chinese industry and the flair passion for Mandarin is necessary. Average salary is $2,000 monthly.

2. Real Estate Agents

The development of urban and regional places in China has increased the price of land parcels. Thus, the demand for people who will facilitate the sales of these lands also increased. They are like salesmen but they are specifically needed and experienced in selling real estates. A wide experience in real estate will rake commissions and bonuses. Average salary is $2,300 monthly

3. Finance Advisors

With more people worrying about their personal finance problems, financial advisors are highly sought after. They are also in demand in the corporate world for their advisory services, after the huge meltdown of business empires in the United States and in Europe. Finance Advisors can make an average of about $3,000 monthly.

4. Systems Managers

Most companies have converged with modern innovations in technology. Most business operations are now using recent automated systems to increase the efficiency of their business operations. Systems managers are also needed to deal with the complicated world of computer systems and programming. Average salary is $3,000 monthly

5. Information Technology Experts

With the overwhelming boom of IT industry, internet users are now paying billions of dollars every year. This interest in IT creates a great demand for people who will create more interfaces to keep the wave of IT economy. IT jobs are call center agents, info advertisers, bloggers, website developers, graphic artists, programmers etc. Average salary is $2,600 monthly.

6. Business Management Consultants

Most business needs advisory services to employ effective techniques and methods in running their business. Management consultancy is popular mostly in Asian countries as a preparatory technique in avoiding economic meltdowns and recessions that was experienced in the west. Average salary is $4,000 monthly

7. Game developers
The field of online gaming is competing with other entertainment industry such as the music and film. Billions of people around the world are addicted to online games. People are also hooked into games in iPods, PSPs and cellular phones thus, creating a great demand for game developers. Average salary is $2,100 monthly.

8. Medical Doctors

Medical doctors will never go down into the demands of employment. However, the path to being a licensed general practitioner is very long. Average salary is $8,000 monthly

9. Reporters

News reporters are in great demand in China with the new state laws regulating the media industry. Average salary is $2,000 monthly

10. English Teachers

With more Chinese people venturing into the international market, more and more people would like to do business personally. Most businessmen don’t like the idea in closing a business deal through an interpreter. Average salary is $3,000 monthly


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