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Ten Hottest Careers In Education

Investing in education is a very good idea. There is a great demand for educators and instructors and this trend will not slow down since more and more people are entering educational institutions to further develop their aptitudes. Whether you are interested to work as a professor, or a preschool teacher, any career in education is very rewarding.

This article will give you reliable information on various careers in education. Whether you are seeking for salary range of a science teacher or just strolling to find out the qualifications of a teacherís aide, this article will be most reliable. Find your job among the list with their background, salary range, educational requirements and many more.

1. School Administrators

With the expansion of school districts in the United States, more and more school administrators are needed to oversee the whole operation of a certain school and manage school facilities. A good graduate degree in school management is a necessary for this post. Average salary $60,000 every year

2. Adult Literacy Teachers

The number of adults who are willing to continue their education is increasing. However, before they can start their studies, they have to undergo a special class reevaluating their current skills and abilities so that they can cope with the recent innovations in the educational system. Average salary is $55,000 every year.

3. Rehabilitation Teachers

Rehabilitation teachers help children who have certain disabilities to maximize their mobility. A bachelorís degree in special education is necessary and experience with special trainings is a plus. Average salary is $59,000 every year.

4. University Professor

The number of university professors who are retiring is increasing. This creates a demand for young professionals who are qualified for a post of a professor in the university level. A graduate degree is essential and even more if you have a doctorate degree. Average salary is $70,000 every year.

5. Preschool Teachers

With the increased birthrates, more and more children are being enrolled with preschools. This career is very rewarding and the working environment is very conducive for individuals who love kids. A bachelorís degree in preschool education is needed and certificates in child care will earn you extra points. Average salary is $55,000 every year

6. Elementary School Teachers

The trend goes from pre-school. However, elementary school teachers need extra trainings and experience aside from a bachelorís degree on elementary education. Average salary is $58,000 every year.

7. Secondary School Teachers

The trend goes from elementary schools. However, secondary school teachers earn more as they are expected to have special classes on their focused discipline. Aside from a bachelorís degree in secondary education, wide experience in teaching will rake you extra bucks. Average salary is $ 60,000 every year.

8. Teacherís Aides

Teacherís aides are professionals who help teachers and professors in carrying out their teaching roles such as preparation of reports, exams, checking of projects and organizing the class discussion. This post can be filled in by education students who have partially completed their degree courses and are highly qualified. Average salary is $25,000 every year.

9. Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors are needed for their advisory services to the students. They are highly sought with the expansion of school districts and the increase of student population. They have special trainings in counseling. Average salary is $45,000 every year.

10. English Teachers

English teachers are highly in demand on non-English speaking countries such as Korea, China and Japan. They are needed to teach foreign students to speak fluent English. Average salary is $60,000 every year.


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