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The Ten Hottest Careers And the Best Paying Jobs

1. Systems Managers

This position will make you responsible in managing the vital foundation of any company venturing its operations on new technologies and automated systems. Despite the technical nature of this career, strong supervisory and leadership skills are very essential to effectively communicate with other staff in the company and to be able to transform the complex language of systems operations into a comprehensible form. The average annual salary is $ 55,000.

2. Plant Systems Engineers

With the convergence of new innovations and technology, the biology industries is also in need of computer software engineers and systems engineers who will create, design and sustain the networks of plan factories, farms and special laboratories. Systems developers with a large experience in employing recent computer innovations in programming have an edge in this field. The average annual salary is $ 65,000.

3. Accountants

Accountants and auditors are needed in every business to ensure the financial stability and transparency of the business operations. If a businessman is eager to develop the company, the monetary resources should be well taken cared of. To be an accountant, one should have a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and duly licensed. Average salary is $ 70,000 annually.

4. Information Technology Consultants

With the overwhelming boom of IT industry, internet users are now paying billions of dollars every year. This interest in IT creates a great demand for people who will create more interfaces to keep the wave of IT economy. IT jobs include call center agents, info advertisers, bloggers, website developers, graphic artists, programmers etc. The average annual salary is $ 35,000.

5. School Administrators

With the expansion of school districts in the United States, more and more school administrators are needed to oversee the whole operation of a certain school and manage school facilities. A good graduate degree in school management is a necessary for this post. Average salary $ 60,000 every year

6. Chemical Engineers

In chemical engineering, a person designs machines and special equipment and procedures for manufacturing products using chemicals such as production of energy, food, clothing etc. Average annual salary is $ 68,000

7. Software Analysts

Software analysts are responsible in transforming the complicated systems language into a form that can be understood by anyone. They are needed to explore different computer software that is needed in business operations since most companies are now venturing with automated systems to increase efficiency of their operations. The average annual salary is $ 57,000.

8. Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists encode dictated recordings created by doctors and other medical professionals such as reports, observations and correspondence that may eventually become part of the patient’s medical files. A medical transcriptionist can be trained in a special school or a vocational center where one can earn a certificate of training. Average annual salary is $ 25,000

9. Network Managers

A network manager manages the everyday operations and maintenance of the company’s networking and automation operations. They also cooperate with network engineers and analysts to implement, tests, deploy and incorporate network systems. To fill this post one should have a good degree in any computer related course and a several years of experience in computer networking. Average annual salary is $ 75,000.

10. Medical scientists

Medical scientists conduct research on human diseases to provide necessary information to devise practical solutions to human health diseases. These results include vaccines and medicated drugs. Medical scientists can also perform clinical investigations, transcription, drug examination and technical writing. A doctorate degree in biology is very necessary to fill the post. Average annual salary is $ 90,000


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